me  Di Wang


  • Ability to code in Python, Java, C/C#, JavaScript, MATLAB and SQL/DBMS.
  • Math Knowledge of Computational Vision, Machine Learning, 3D Graphic/Animation.
  • Understanding Data Structures and Object-Oriented Programming.
  • Experience in Maya, Unreal Engine, Unity 3D.
  • Ability to produce Frame-by-frame Computer Animation.



BSc. Computing Science, Bachelor’s Degree. Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, Canada. 2016 – 2018. Specialized in Visual Computing. 2018. GPA:  3.82/4.33

Computer Animation Graduate Certificate. Sheridan College, Oakville, ON, Canada. 2012 – 2013. GPA:  4.0/4.0


Work Experience

Software Developer – Pipelines and Tools (2019) Blackbird Interactive, Vancouver.

  • Used Python/PySide to create tools for fast rigging, animation, UV mapping.
  • Developed a stable content pipeline that allows Maya to pass FBX data to a C++ app.
  • Implementing Particles and Physics using C++.

Senior Visualization Specialist, Technical Consultant (2015-2018) Hatch ltd, Toronto/Vancouver.

  • Communicated with Engineers and proposed solutions to visualize their design ideas. Visualization projects include Calgary Greenline LRT, Vancouver SkyTrain, Toronto Go Transit.
  • Developed Python tools for fast content generations. Automate the processes to create tunnels, bridges, road structures, and train animations.

Technical Animator (2013-2014) Sinking Ship Entertainment, Toronto

  • Created high-quality frame-by-frame animation for Dino Dan Season 3, Annedroids. These two shows won Emmy Outstanding Pre-School Children’s TV Series.
  • Used Python to solve character rigging and pipeline challenges.


Tech Skills

Python (4 years),  JavaScript (2 years),  Java (3 years),  C/C++(2 years),  Unreal/Unity3D (1 year),  MATLAB (1 year),   Maya (5 years),  PySide2 (1 year),  FBX API (1 year).


Math Skills

Statistics and Probability,  Calculus and Linear Algebra,  Graph theories,  Greedy and Dynamic Algorithms,  Euler and Quaternion Angles,  Cubic Spline, Matrix Operation,  Ray-tracing,  Optic Flow,  Convolution,  Sift,   Linear/Logistic Regression,  Gradient Descent,  Back Propagation.

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