Using JavaScript for Minecraft

Minecraft Mod lets players to extend the functionality (or cheat) using Javascript.

you will need:

  • CanaryMod
  • Scriptcraft

download the latest versions  here.

CanaryMod is a Server that allows custom mods (such as Scriptcraft) to be added. So ScriptCraft must be used with CanaryMod.


download CanaryMod.jar. In the command prompt type:

java -jar canarymod.jar      //  you should use the actual file name instead of “canarymod.jar ”

you will need to run it 3 time: as the first installation will ask you to modify elua.txt. you Must change the setting “eula=true”. Second time you running it, CanaryMod will run properly.

place scriptcraft.jar into the plugin folder and run the Server again, or just type reload in the command prompt.


In the CanaryMod command window type js 1 + 1 and hit enter. You should see 2 . but in order for you to use Javascript command in game, you should add you as the operator.

go to  ops.cfg in the config folder, use notepad to open it. add your UUID at the bottom, then Done! ( I have tried to use my minecraft ID, it didn’t work. )



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