Simple Automation for Maya Rendering

Maya Batch Render doesn’t allow user to render multiple shots with one click. What if I want to let the computer create a render queue and automate the rendering process? You may install backburner to solve this. or there is another simple way of doing so without setting up the Manager and Server.

First of all, create a .bat file from Windows desktop.

The Template is like this:

C:\Progra~1\Autodesk\Maya2014\bin\render -r file -s <starting_frame> -e <ending_frame> -cam <camera> -rd “<render_location>” “<maya_file_directory>”

here under are the possible settings that you can modify

-r file: render from scene setting.

-s : starting frame

-e: ending frame

-cam: camera Name

-rd: where you want to save rendered image / where is the maya file.

For more info for rendering command, refer to this link.

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